Answer Your Basic CBD Questions Here. A Simple CBD Guide for Familes.

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Through our own experiences and the wonderful stories our customers have shared, we’ve documented the most common hemp CBD questions and answers below.  After reading this guide you’ll be prepared to answer: Is CBD legal? Is Hemp Marijuana? Will CBD get me high? How does CBD work? Can my doctor prescribe CBD?To have this discussion, approach it with an open mind and an empathetic heart.  Everyone’s opinions are shaped by his or her experiences and had you been presented a similar narrative throughout your life, you’d likely have some reservations as well. Be thoughtful in your approach.

Let’s discuss some common CBD Hemp oil questions below.

First, are hemp products legal?

Yes, if the hemp was grown through a State approved hemp pilot program (approved via section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill).  We can’t speak for other hemp products with naturally occurring CBD, but Green Lotus Hemp is grown in compliance of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Pilot Program.  We also work with an accredited state university to study domestic and international downstream financial impacts of legalized hemp.

Is hemp considered marijuana?  

No, hemp is not marijuana but the differences can be confusing.  I’ll explain.  First, you should know that “Marijuana” and “Hemp” are legal definitions, and the definition can vary from country to country.  For example, what may be considered hemp in the US, may be considered marijuana in Mexico.  From a scientific view, both plants are part of the cannabis sativa genome.  To be considered hemp from a legal perspective in the U.S., the plant must have been grown via an approved hemp pilot program and contain less than .3% THC by dry weight.  To avoid any confusion, Green Lotus products contain 0% THC.

Will CBD get me high? 

No, CBD will not get you high.  For some, this may be deal breaker, but most of our loyal customers arere just looking for a solution to a problem they’ve battled for years.  At this point they just want relief.  It’s not about the high, it’s about the remedy.

How does CBD work?

Phyto-cannabinoids, whether they originate from hemp or marijuana, bind to receptors in your body through a network called the endocannabinoid system.  This system is made of thousands of receptors found throughout your central and peripheral nervous systems. They’re primarily responsible for keeping cells in a state of homeostasis, which means keeping healthy cells healthy, and removing any troublemakers. If you’d like to learn more we encourage you to do your own research.  You can can find some very helpful information at Project CBD, or you can read about the benefits of CBD on our Hemp 101 page.

Can my doctor prescribed cbd? 

You might be challenged to find a doctor that truly understands how phyto-cannabinoids such as CBD and even the more widely known molecule, THC, interact with our bodies.  The reason is simple ~ the endocannabinoid system is rarely, if ever, taught in medical school.  Most medical schools share a similar opinion – marijuana is federally illegal thus it’s illegal to “prescribe” medical marijuana. Promoting any literature that teaches about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a moot point (in their opinion), or they’ve simply never heard of it. This is why only about 13% of medical schools even mention the endocannabinoid system, which may prove problematic as medical schools focus on attracting the next round of aspiring new doctors. To illustrate this point, listen to this podcast with Dr. Rachna Patel where she describes the lack of education about the endocannabinoid system in the medical community (24:14 if you want to skip ahead).  Dr. Rachna understands the importance of the ECS system and the role it plays with regulating our immune system which is why she has dedicated her entire practice to the treatment of medical marijuana.  In conclusion, Doctors are not allowed to prescribe any cannabinoid, whether it originated from hemp or marijuna, but they can certainly recommend it, such as Dr. Patel done.

We’ll be discussing this topic in greater detail, but for now we hope this guide was helpful.  You should now be prepared to have an open, honest, factual, and most importantly, an empathic discussion regarding the benefits of Hemp/CBD.  Here at Green Lotus we offer a variety of hemp products from tinctures, topicals, capsules, and more.  If you think a loved one could benefit from CBD products, take a look through our online store.  We off FREE shipping on all products throughout the United States, and free 1 day delivery in Colorado and Texas.

If you’ve already “had the talk”, we’d love to hear your story below!

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  1. Cole Michael says:

    Thank you for this amazing guide that answered many of my Beginner CBD Questions, After reading this article I decided to purchase a bottle of CBD Oil for my chronic pain and I found that it worked amazing and I am so happy to be on No psychoactive, Non addictive, and all natural supplements instead of pharmaceuticals! Thanks for sharing this knowledge 🙂

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