Full Spectrum Hemp Oil + Autism | Mother helps her autistic child using CBD

At Green Lotus Hemp we don’t just make quality products, we make remedies for life. Hearing success stories from our customers encourages us to continue increasing awareness and education of hemp oil. Below we share how a mother helps her 5 year-old autistic son using hemp oil. We hope that her experience provides comfort and reassurance as you explore the potential benefits of full spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate for autistic children.

Discovering Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

We recently visited a mother who’s been using Green Lotus Hemp full spectrum hemp oil tinctures to help with her son Maddox’s autism. For obvious reasons, this decision wasn’t made lightly. As a parent of two children with autism, Kyla’s experience with this condition is extensive. As she came to learn, autism affects children in a variety of ways, and Kyla wasn’t sure how to help her son.

Like most parents of autistic children, Kyla spent years researching different solutions to help with the complexities of autism. Avoiding the use of medications, she resorted to therapy and dietary adjustments – note, Maddox hated vegetables. With minimal improvements, Kyla continued her search, coming across a few videos describing the potential benefits of cannabinoids for autistic children. Skeptical at first, she said “No way, I’m not going to give my kid marijuana!” (Learn the difference between cannabis and hemp-derived CBD here.) But once she saw a little girl very similar to her son gain the ability to speak, sing, and even look others in the eyes, she knew it was worth trying hemp oil as a remedy for her son’s autism.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Autistic Children

Just after two days Kyla noticed a difference in Maddox. Specifically, Maddox experienced:

  • Increased focus
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Improved social interaction
  • Increased appetite for healthy foods

Furthermore, Kyla noticed that her son would finally look her and others in the eyes — something she deeply cared about.

Eager to see if anyone else had noticed these changes in her son’s behavior, Kyla confided in Maddox’s teacher, explaining that she’d been adding hemp oil to his diet. To her surprise, the response was overwhelmingly positive. His teacher thought he’d just been getting more sleep, but assured Kyla that Maddox had been following instructions and appeared to be more attentive. Most importantly, he began interacting positively with the other children.

After a few months of using full spectrum hemp oil, Maddox continues to see improvement in all areas. One of his mother’s greatest comforts is seeing how calm and aware her son is now – something she believes is directly correlated to Green Lotus Hemp full spectrum CBD oil tinctures.


We hope this and our other stories provide some insight as to the variety of uses full spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate has for the human body. To learn more about our products and other useful information regarding the CBD industry, visit our Hemp University Blog.


For an in-depth look at the relationship between the endocannabinoid system(ECS) and autism, take a look at this study from The American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics.

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