3 Ways Not to Use CBD + Easy Fixes

CBD oil is convenient, comes in many forms, and is relatively easy to find in a store or online. We’ve talked about the link between quality CBD and effectiveness, so we thought it would make sense to share the top three CBD oil mistakes we’ve seen over the years.

Here’s a little rundown on how not to use CBD. These are common misconceptions, so if any of these apply to you, don’t be hard on yourself.

Mistake #1: Taking CBD Once

Here’s a CBD oil mistake way too many people make. They feel stressed, so they try a capsule one time. They don’t get the results they’re looking for and then stop, never to try CBD again. 

They’ve now missed out on a way to manage issues with anxiety, stress, pain, and sleep — all proven in numerous studies

The Fix

Take CBD regularly. Buy a calendar. Get scientific. 

If you take CBD just once, you won’t see results. CBD needs to be taken regularly to have an impact. We recommend you maintain the same serving for two weeks, and then if the results aren’t what you’re looking for, up the dosage. 

That same guideline — maintain a consistent dosage for a few weeks, then adjust — goes for other CBD delivery systems too. If you try a topical like Green Lotus Heat CBD Cream, you need to use it for a while before you can decide if it’s for you or not (hint: it is). For a more detailed look at finding your right serving of hemp oil, we put together a guide.

Think of it like part of your daily wellness routine, in the same way that exercise is, only a lot easier.

Mistake #2: Taking CBD Isolate

There are a ton of different CBD products available, and some are better than others. Of course, Green Lotus CBD products are superior to any other product on the planet — just in case you’re still on the fence. 

If you go to a health food store or pharmacy, most products will be CBD isolate. That might sound good. CBD isolate is just pure, untainted CBD, none of that other stuff, right? Wrong. 

This is not a good way to use CBD.

The Fix

Take full-spectrum hemp oil.

It turns out that the other stuff in CBD is good too. Much better, in fact, than CBD by itself. Take CBG. It’s not the new CBD, but it does make CBD more effective. The same goes for other components of hemp oil, which includes other cannabinoids and terpenoids like CBDv, CBN, CBC, and CBDa. 

All Green Lotus products use full-spectrum hemp oil made from USA-grown organic hemp. Full-spectrum hemp oil allows you to benefit from the entourage effect. That’s where the many cannabinoids work together, making for a much more effective, powerful ingredient than CBD isolate.

Mistake #3: Taking CBD to Get High

Some people think of CBD as weed-lite, or something like that. That’s not true. The fact is, the two are very different. 

CBD is non-psychoactive. Full-spectrum hemp oil actually has anti-psychoactive properties that work to counteract chemicals like THC. 

So if you’ve been on the couch for three hours listening to Dark Side of the Moon while you wait for it to kick in, you might as well get up now. This is not a good way to use CBD. While full-spectrum hemp oil does have calming effects, it will absolutely not get you high. In fact, if you’re too high, take CBD. It actually makes you less high. (We’re using “you” in the second person. Not everyone digs Pink Floyd)

The Fix 

Take CBD to manage stress, anxiety, pain, and sleep. Like we mentioned earlier, the studies back this up. These are proven benefits, and millions of Americans are experiencing them every day.

Just keep your servings consistent, and keep using full-spectrum hemp oil, and see how it works for you. 

Your Friends, 

The Green Lotus Team

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