Can CBD Help Pets With Post-Covid Loneliness?

CBD for dogs and cats

With COVID-19 restrictions winding down, people are beginning to venture out of their homes for work and vacation, leaving pets alone for the first time in over a year. 

Increasing reports of dogs and cats with post-covid anxiety, stress, and loneliness led our team at Green Lotus to consider the science of loneliness for animals and ask the question, Can CBD for pets help with anxiety and stress? 

We believe it can. But first, let’s look at the science.

Yes, Dogs and Cats Experience Loneliness

Studies of animal behavior show that both dogs and cats get lonely in much the same way humans do. 

“Dogs are social animals, and they form strong attachments to their humans,” said  Marc Bekoff, a biologist specializing in animal emotions. “Dogs don’t just tolerate human presence; they actively seek it out.”

According to biologist Desmond Morris, “Experts agree that dogs get lonely when they spend much of their time alone, because they are pack animals.” 

But it’s not just dogs — loneliness and separation anxiety are characteristics of cats, too, even if they often appear to be more independent. 

An in-depth study released last year reported: “There is a belief that cats can easily cope with the owners’ absence for long periods of time and few studies have been conducted to support that assumption…Cats express more security and stability in the presence of the owners, while in the owners’ absence they were more anxious and stressed.”

Can’t Afford Another Pet? Consider CBD for Pets

Some of the options that get thrown around — like getting another dog or cat — aren’t all that feasible for everyone. But those who may not be able to invest in another animal companion still care about their pet and want them to feel good when they’re alone.

That’s where CBD for dogs and cats comes in.

Does CBD for Pets Work?

Ask your local vet. 

Veterinarian Mark Verdino, MD, says: “At night time when the lights are dimmed down, it’s dark out, they don’t see it [sic] well in the dark, and [my dog] gets a little spooked. And when I give him the CBD, he seems to just go to sleep.”

The science of CBD and pet anxiety and loneliness is still developing. What’s undeniable are the thousands of testimonials from dog and cat lovers all over the internet. 

So let’s talk about how to use CBD for pet anxiety and loneliness. 

How To Give CBD Oil to Your Dog or Cat

The best form of CBD for pets is a natural tincture with a safe CBD concentration, from a low of 50 MG to a maximum of 250 MG. 

If your pet takes medications well, simply place the dropper under your pet’s cheeks or tongue. Make sure your pet swallows all of the CBD oil. 

For the free-spirited dog and cat, add CBD oil over a treat or meal. Use more CBD oil in these cases because less CBD will be absorbed through the digestive system than sublingually (under the tongue). 

For Pets, CBD is Versatile

CBD for pets isn’t only for when you leave the house. Whether it’s loud noises like thunder or fireworks, or the dark of night, there are plenty of other situations where they’re in danger of getting overwhelmed with stress.

Shopping CBD for Pets? Purity is the Priority! 

Because dogs and cats have special sensitivities compared to humans, it’s important to choose a CBD tincture that’s simple, pure, and consistent. That’s pure. 

There are a lot of good people making quality CBD out there, but what’s special about our CBD Pet Tincture are the special ingredients. It’s not “CBD for humans” with a different label slapped on. 

We use a pet-specific concentration that’s alcohol-free and includes natural coconut oil (not MCT oil) and grapeseed oil, which makes our CBD Pet Tincture more palatable to pets and aids in digestion. Grapeseed oil is safe for pets and nutritious, so it’s a win-win.  

As you leave the house this spring, help your dog or cat make the transition stress and loneliness-free. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. (Send us a question @

Your friends,

The Green Lotus Team

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