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CBD Preroll Joints, Top-Shelf Hemp – Harmony & Jubilee

Why is Green Lotus™ making CBD preroll joints? Because you guys asked for it. Because we can. Because we just did.

CBD preroll joints


Harmony™  is sourced from a top-shelf, CBD-rich Lifter strain. Taste fresh pear, lemon and sweet berry with a nice touch of pineapple on the end. 

Effects: Body relaxation and sustained, clean focus. 

When: Morning, Afternoon.

What To Do: Do some coding. Take a jog. Get stuff done.

cbd preroll joint


Jubilee™ is straight CBD-rich Kush. Top-shelf, of course. Aroma is bold and earthy, like a redwood. Taste cappuccino with milk froth topped with accents of black pepper, cinnamon spice and a little plum, too. 

Effects: Deep relaxation of mind and body. 

When: Late Afternoon, Evening. 

What To Do: Whatever you want.    

Keep reading to see more facts, where we source our hemp, what makes our hemp top-shelf, and why we roll with rice paper. If you’re interested in terpenes, stay until the end. You’ll see a detailed breakdown of each strain’s terpene content and wellness effects, plus expanded tasting notes. 

CBD Preroll Joints: Fast Facts, Faster  

All the specifics in one place. Just check the bullets. 

What’s in a pack:  

  • 5 Prerolls.    
  • 110 mg CBD per preroll.
  • 0.75 g top-shelf hemp flower per preroll. 

Why it’s easy to order: 

  • Free Shipping 
  • Free Returns
  • Great Customer Service 

Order Harmony or Jubilee Preroll joints risk-free at our online store

CBD hemp farm

Top-Shelf Oregon Hemp. Real and Honest. 

Quality hemp means care, love and attention to detail. You can find all three if you look in the right places. We got lucky, and we prerolled it for you. 

All of the hemp in CBD preroll joints comes from a family-owned farm located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. A unique climate and nutrient-rich soil make for fine hemp crops. 

We’re talking forty acres owned and maintained by a husband and wife. These folks have spent a decade refining the cultivation process, from genetics to cultivation to curing and aging. 

The hemp in our Harmony and Jubilee CBD preroll joints is:

  • Hand-harvested
  • Hand-trimmed.
  • Two months dried, sealed and slow-cured. 

There’s a whole lot of love in this hemp, and you can taste the difference. In other words, our CBD preroll joints are straight-up quality and straight-up delicious.  

Roll with Rice Paper. Get Flavor. 

A proper CBD preroll joint deserves a proper paper. It should burn clean and slow and stay out of the way of the flavor. 

All Green Lotus prerolls use organic rice paper because we respect your taste buds. 

Refreshing flavor. No barriers. That’s rice paper.

Terpene Breakdown: Harmony™ CBD Preroll Joints 

Limonene (Mood Lift. Lemon, Tangerine) & Myrcene (Medium Chill. Berry, Pear):  Though the two terpenes differ in “feeling,” limonene and myrcene combine to give Harmony CBD prerolls a distinctive aroma that’s one part citrus, one part berry. 

Limonene is a known stimulant, so tie this terpene to Harmony’s gentle energizing effect. 

Myrcene works in contrast to limonene with mild sedative effect and relaxation. 

Ocimene (Energy. Floral, Sweet): Find ocimene on the nose, adding to Harmony’s sweet side and even some white rose aroma. This terpene drives focus. 

Terpene Breakdown: Jubilee™ CBD Preroll Joints: 

Caryophyllene (Heavy Relaxer. Spice & Coffee) We were impressed with the split personality of this particular Kush variety — peppery spice inside frothy cappuccino, bite over mellow. 

We believe that the deep flavor and aroma come from high levels of caryophyllene — high even for Bubba Kush. This batch enjoyed a long dry period, which may account for the boldness and extra frothiness. 

Humulene (Mild chill.  Woody, Herbal)  joins caryophyllene to compound the relaxer effect. That’s why we recommend Jubilee for the late afternoon or evening.  





You have questions. We have answers. 

To ask a question about our CBD preroll joints, contact our customer service team. They’re actual people who are nice, know about CBD and want to help you. 

Until next time, stay cool. 

  • Your friends @ Green Lotus Hemp


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