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Get ready for news, so much news. We have new packaging that loves the planet and four new products: a new vape cart flavor, new 30 count gummies and Orange and Natural Tinctures, now with 1500 mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids per bottle. 

Stick around for a short interview with Shari Smith, CEO of Green Field Paper Company. (They helped us with the “hemp paper” part of the hemp paper packaging.)

Hemp Paper Packaging, Made in the USA.  

Our USA-made, natural hemp packaging has a texture completely different from traditional paper. Trust us, this paper will lower your blood pressure. It’s like touching the smooth rock on the inside of a cool, quiet cave. It’s like petting a baby dik-dik (see photo).

Baby Dik Dik

In switching to sustainable packaging, we’ve learned a lot; and we’re proud to be one of the first hemp oil brands to “walk the walk.” We hear a lot about hemp fiber’s potential for cloth, rope and paper. So why are CBD brands still using pulp from trees?    

We sat down with Shari Smith, CEO of Green Field Paper Company, to discuss the challenges of making hemp paper, sustainability and San Diego cuisine.

GLH: How long has Green Field Paper Company been in operation?

Shari: We [Shari and her husband, Rick] purchased the company from the founder, Jeff Lindenthal, in 2005. Jeff was an environmentalist, and he had a passion for paper-making and recycling. He founded the company in 1992, and he was way ahead of his time.

GLH: What makes hemp paper a more sustainable alternative to traditional paper?

Shari: First of all, you can grow the hemp plant at four times the rate of any other plant, and it keeps coming back: four times in just one year.

And, well, you’re not using any trees. That’s an obvious point, right there. You could be 100% post-consumer [recycled paper] and not use any trees, too. But, by adding the hemp, that adds strength to the paper, and archival quality. It’s the most prolific plant that exists, and the strongest.

GLH: What advantages does hemp paper have over regular paper?

Shari: The big attributes of our paper is that it’s acid-free, chlorine-free and it’s archival quality. It’s not going to fade. Hemp paper is also uncoated — that means that the ink is going to soak in and you’re still going to see the background of the hemp paper.

Hemp paper is not glossy like pulp paper; it has a totally different look and feel. Originally, it was created as a fine art paper and a fine stationery. We’ve traditionally sold to artists and environmentalists. Packaging is new for us.  

GLH: Why isn’t everyone making hemp paper?

Shari: Hemp paper has always been a struggle to make. Paper mills were made to make paper out of wood; they were designed to use wood pulp, and wood pulp is a totally different animal than hemp pulp.  Hemp pulp is a “toothy” fiber. What happens is that the little “teeth” get clogged in the filters, and they make holes in the paper.

For example, we were contracting with a mill that’s been in the business for over 100 years. After two years, they said, “We can’t make it anymore. It’s destroying our machinery.” So what we had to do was make a capital investment into the machinery to be able to work with this particular type of pulp, because it’s so difficult to work with.

Green Field Hemp paper

GLH: What do most companies get wrong about product packaging?

Shari: Plastic. That’s the #1 packaging faux pas. Some of the plastic is hard to open; it’s not eco-friendly. Everyone should be more conscious about being eco-friendly. A lot of the companies don’t have boxes, at all. And the packaging, a lot of it, is pretty ugly, loaded with a thousand colors — really overdone.

GLH: What excites you most about the future of the hemp industry and sustainability?

Shari: What’s most exciting is how quickly the industry is growing, the energy, the open-mindedness — everyone’s looking to capitalize on the industry. And honestly, it’s just not for smokers anymore. I like the fact that hemp has crossed over to the mainstream.

GLH: Finally — and this is by far the most important question we have for you —  what’s the best restaurant in San Diego?

Shari:  Wow, that depends. It depends on my mood! There’s a place by the airport called C-Level, and I really like the vibe there. It’s casual; it’s right on the water with a great view of the harbor and the city. You can sit outside, and the food is very good.

C-Level Resturaunt San Diego

With QR Codes, Find Your Lab Reports Fast

Like ghosts, we value transparency.

That’s why Green Lotus™ Hemp’s new packaging has a QR code that makes connecting to detailed and readable lab reports easy and convenient. All you need is a smartphone and about twenty seconds, and you can find a lab report unique to your product, plus a Certificate of Analysis (COA).    

Lab Certificate Lab QR

Pay close attention, because the process is extremely complex:

  1. Scan the QR code (or enter the URL)
  2. Enter short lot code into search bar
  3. Done.

8 Gummies? Try 30 Gummies

It’s pretty simple: our friends and partners asked for more gummies to a pack, and we listened.

Our new 30 count gummies come with…30 gummies. That’s 7.5 mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids + 3 mg of melatonin, per gummy. And if think about it, you get 30 of them, which is a higher number than 8.

Pre-sale starts now, and shipping starts June 15th! 

Green Lotus Hemp Gummies

Orange and Natural Tinctures, Now in 1500mg

Our friends and customers love our Orange and Natural Tinctures, so we decided to expand our most beloved flavors to include the full 1500 mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

New Blackberry Tangerine Vape Cart

Tired of oxygen? Try our Blackberry Tangerine vape cart with its refreshing blend of natural fruit terpenes. A sparkle of citrus, notes of blackberry tartness — the perfect companion for a hot summer day. 

Pre-sale starts now, and shipping starts June 15th! 

Green Lotus Hemp Vape Blackberry Tangerine

Pairs well with:

  • bike rides
  • hanging at the pool
  • skateboarding
  • pleasant walks
  • trees
  • sunlight
  • active lifestyles
  • or, just sitting with your cat and reading a book

Not recommended for:

  • underwater
  • in space

We Want to Hear From You!

Are there any other products you’d like to see? Have suggestions? Let us know. Every choice we make with our products is 100% informed by our customer’s needs, anything that helps you on your wellness journey!

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