How to Get the Most Out of Your Vape Cart

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“Art, music, poetry, vaping...these are the food of life. These are the voices of the muse.” – Pablo Picasso

Vape carts aren’t just for people who have super awesome tattoos, enjoy reddit and can absolutely shred a BMX course. These men and women were the pioneers, the trail-blazers. They had the courage to clear a path through that vapeless wilderness. Now, it falls to the rest of us to follow in their footsteps and to enjoy the smooth, natural taste of our premium hemp oil cartridges.

Is vaping a legitimate way to take your cannabinoids? Absolutely.

In fact, when combined with other modes of delivery, like softgels or tinctures, vaping can help maximize the effects of cannabinoids. It’s all about bioavailability. Cannabinoids that are absorbed through the lungs act on the body differently than cannabinoids that are consumed orally and absorbed through the small intestine.

Vaping is just another way to diversify your treatment regimen. But you have to know the basics before you get started.

Let us begin…from the beginning.

How to Hold a Vape Pen

Hold your vape pen straight up and down, like a reporter holds a microphone. A vertical position guarantees that your vape cart’s wick stays evenly saturated with oil. Well, that’s it.  

How to Inhale and Use a Vape Pen or a CCell, for Beginners

Imagine, in one hand is a glass of cool lemonade and in the other hand a thick oreo shake; there is a straw in each. Drinking the lemonade doesn’t require a lot of effort, while the milkshake takes a lot.

Pulp Fiction Milkshake Scene

Vaping should be an experience similar to drinking lemonade with a straw. It’s easy to drink lemonade, just as it’s easy to pull from a vape pen. Pull consistently and gently. With the proper heat, inhalation should be easy.

A first time user may not feel that they’re inhaling much at first. That feeling can be deceptive. Vapor is one million times softer than smoke, but it can definitely cause coughing in large amounts. No one wants to cough!

I asked, Joel, our Marketing Coordinator, if he had any advice for first timers. “Don’t wait until you feel it,” he said. If you feel a tingle, stop pulling. You’ve probably pulled too much.

How to Pull: Smoothly, consistently, for a short period of time.

How Not to Pull: Aggressively, inconsistently — like on a tiny straw, with a piece of Oreo caught in it, in a thick milkshake.

How To Use a Vape Pen With 1 Button

For your basic vape pen, a single button activates the pen’s heating mechanism. Because the button controls the heat, it also determines the size of the pull. As heat increases, the amount of vapor increases.

Treat the button and the power of your inhalation as one fluid action. If you hold the button too long, you’ll get too much vapor, which can make for a harsh pull.

Vape Surfing Clouds

For reference, see the accompanying gif. Your exhale should look nothing like this individual’s exhale, nothing like a burning oil tanker, a geyser or a nuclear detonation. Instead, try to look like someone breathing normally on a snowy day, or Jack and Rose on that piece of driftwood at the end of Titanic.

How Long to Hold the Button on Your Vape Pen

Press and hold the button for approx. 1 to 2 seconds. Start pulling.  Continue for 3 seconds. Release Button and continue to pull for another second.  

Total Time: 6 seconds per application

One Button Vape Battery

How to Use a Vape Pen with 1 Button + Temperature Controls

Newer vape batteries come with the option to select different temperatures, usually on a scale from 1 to 3. Other batteries utilize dials, like a volume knob. Some have no symbols or numbers, while others are marked by voltage.

For Green Lotus carts, finding the right temperature isn’t complicated. We recommend starting at the “medium” setting and rolling it back just before “low.”  A lot of our customers and our employees set their vape battery to the lowest setting and leave it there.

Joel, our resident vaping expert, has some more words of wisdom for you: “The higher you set it, the more oil you burn up. Just set it low.”

Just set it low, friends.

How to Use Buttonless Vape Pens and CCells

In a buttonless vape pen and a CCell, inhalation activates the heating coil, which stays at a constant temperature throughout the pull. A buttonless vape pen will respond automatically about half of a second after you start inhaling. The only way to regulate the strength of your pull is by how hard or soft you inhale.

CCells are simple, intuitive and growing in popularity.

If you should ever become confused with a CCell, remember this simple saying: “Wise is he who sees a slingshot and ducks, Wiser is he who sees a CCell and sucks.”

Button Vape Pens vs. Buttonless Vape Pens, Simplified

For a button vape pen, the button controls the heat input, which in turn controls the intensity of the pull. In a buttonless vape pen, the amount of vapor is determined by the strength of the user’s inhale; vapor concentration is constant.

For Vape Pens With Temperature Settings, Simplified

Green Lotus vape carts work best at the “Low to Medium” setting. “High” will burn off the oil too quickly.

How to Store a Vape Cart

To Conserve Vape Oil: A hot car is no place for a vape cart, nor is a roof, a windowsill, or any place exposed to sunlight or heat. UV radiation in sunlight degrades cannabinoids, while overheated oil loses its viscosity, becoming less like maple syrup and more like water. Thinner, watery hemp oil vaporizes too easily and will absolutely, positively be put to waste. If you have to leave a cartridge in your car, leave it under a chair, in a bag or in the trunk. If your cartridge is hot, wait for it to cool down. 

Passion fruit Blueberry Vape Cart

To Guarantee a Good Pull: A vape pen should be stored upright, with the mouthpiece pointing to the sky. Leaving a pen on its side will cause one side of the wick to be saturated and the other side to dry out. Unequal saturation makes for an unequal vaporization, which adversely affects the quality of the pull.

The wick of a properly stored vape cart will be evenly soaked on all sides, which prevents overheating and guarantees an even, consistent, pleasant pull.

To Avoid the Wrath of the Gods: Store your vape cart separately from other items of sacrifice, especially gold, rubies, oxen, lambs and wheat. On vaping and cannabinoids, Greek gods are out of the loop. It’s in everyone’s interest to keep it that way.

If you’re interested in purchasing a vape cart, head on over to our online store. You’ll find a delightful selection of carts bursting with fruity, delicious, 100% natural flavors (courtesy of GLH’s proprietary blend of fruit terpenes).

As always, we welcome questions, comments, gripes and praise. Leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you. We love to hear from our partners and customers!

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