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Check the ingredient list for any Green Lotus™ Topical. Here’s a word you won’t find: “paraben.” In fact, you won’t find any preservative that begins with “p” and ends with “n.” Come August 15th, our brand new, paraben free formulas for Salve, Heat and Freeze will be available for our friends and customers online, as well as for our retail partners. 

Ok — Green Lotus™ Topicals are paraben free.


The reason is simple:

  • Since 2004, parabens have come under scrutiny as a potential health risk, both for humans and for the environment.¹,² 
  • Green Lotus™ exists to support your health and the health of our communities. That is our mission, and parabens don’t have a place in that mission.

What are Parabens? 

“Parabens” are a class of preservative commonly found in cosmetics and beauty products. They prevent products from spoiling over long periods of time. As a result, products stay on store shelves longer and companies profit from the added longevity. 

Natural alternatives are available, they just cost more. We’ve chosen the alternatives. 

For Retailers, Going Paraben Free is Right. It’s also Profitable. 

People look at labels and they want to see specifics, especially in cosmetics. 

“Natural” won’t cut it anymore. Between 2017 and 2016, sales in “natural” cosmetics declined, while sales in paraben free cosmetics grew by 2.3%.³

In 2017, non-profit Made Safe® asked health-conscious shoppers to list their top priorities in purchasing a product. Three categories dominated the field: 

  • “Free of certain toxic chemicals” (70%) 
  • “Health/Safety of the product” (70%)
  • “Environmental Impact” (54%) 

Only 31% of shoppers valued price. 

In response to the question “Which of these chemicals do you recognize and avoid?” parabens (54%) ranked just behind lead (66%) and formaldehyde (67%). 

People do not want parabens. It’s that simple. 

Here’s the rub (so to speak) with paraben free topicals: Customers expect it, retailers want it and, at Green Lotus™, we deliver it.

Green Lotus Hemp Topical Salve 250mg

What We Mean When We Say “Remedies For Life” 

Numbers (as we’ve just seen) are useful for lots of things that we do. Numbers and statistics help us know what people want so that we can produce the right products for the right people.

But if parabens were to become popular all of a sudden that would not change our decision to keep parabens out of our topicals.

“We make remedies for life.”

These words are the foundation on which our company stands. For every product we produce, we ask ourselves the same all-encompassing question: “Is it a remedy for life?” If not, we change the product or get rid of the product.

So that is what we mean when we say “remedies for life,” and that is why Green Lotus Topicals are paraben free.

– Your friends @GreenLotusHemp


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