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Hello, friends and partners! Today, we will explain in detail why ceramic coils are the best choice for vaping hemp oil: superior flavor, safety and durability — all that stuff.  We’re proud of our vape carts. We want you to know why.

Also, we will debunk a hilarious piece of misinformation about ceramic coils. Stick around. It will be fun, we promise.

We may in the course of this blog sound serious. Whenever our tone seems too severe it is okay to imagine that we are wearing no pants. That way every sentence that is direct or plain is funny for that very reason.

Let us begin. 

What Are Green Lotus Vape Carts Made Of? 

Green Lotus™ vape carts are constructed using three materials: 

  • glass 
  • ceramic 
  • metal 

There is not much to say about metal. Ceramic and glass are the stars of the show. But there is a metal wire wound inside the ceramic rod (electricity heats the thin metal which heats the ceramic rod; the ceramic then heats the oil). We’ll discuss later why it’s good that heated metal and hemp oil rarely contact each other. 

First, let us talk briefly about why glass casing is better than plastic casing.

Glass Is Superior to Plastic in Every Way Possible 

Plastic-casing is neither heat resistant, nor clean, nor effective at sealing in freshness.

Glass casing, on the other hand, excels at all three. 

First, glass casing is heat resistant. And, because glass-casing is heat resistant, it allows for a cleaner “burn” of the oil and keeps impurities from (potentially) leaching into your oil and (potentially) going into your lungs.  

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Compared to plastic or most any other material, glass is very rigid. So when glass (a rigid material) meets metal (another rigid material), the resulting seal is stronger and more dependable than it would be with a plastic casing.

An airtight seal keeps your oil fresher for longer, which means that your pulls taste fresher for longer.  

Ceramic Coils Make For a Better, Safer Vape Experience 

Ceramic was invented by John Ceramic of Palo Alto, CA. in 1992. None of that is true. What is true is the following: the physical properties of ceramic make it ideal for a safe, delicious vape.

Ceramic Is Durable and Heat Resistant. It’s Porous, Too.

Like glass, ceramic is heat-resistant and corrosion-proof. But the ceramic used in ceramic coils is not the same ceramic used to make a toilet, for example. Toilets are finished and glazed, a process that makes it impossible for them to absorb liquid. That’s a good thing for a toilet; not so good for a coil. 

Ceramic coils are made of porous ceramic. “Porous” means “full of holes.” Porous ceramic leaves room for liquids, even very thick liquids like hemp oil, to fill up small holes and soak the ceramic. 

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Ceramic, How Do We Love Thee? Let Us Count The Ways 

We have so far defined the properties of glass and ceramic. Both can withstand high heat and both are strong. Before we go on, we need to understand how cotton wicks, the predecessors to ceramic coils, work.  

Before ceramic coils, vape cartridges used a cotton wick wrapped in a metal wire: a wick to soak up the oil and a wire to heat the wick and turn the oil into vapor.

But there were problems:

  • Cotton wicks ignite at low temperatures.
  • Cotton wicks expose vape oil directly to heated metal, which is potentially dangerous.

No Dry Hits. No Burnt Taste. 

“Dry hits” happen when one part of cotton wick is saturated with oil, while the other part is dry. When heat is applied to the dry part, the cotton heats and releases what we may refer to as smoke. There is nothing to vaporize but the cotton. So, a person is vaping cotton. That’s a horrible thing. It should not happen to anyone.

Ceramic coils eliminate dry hits and burnt taste for reasons that are simple. First, ceramic coils soak slowly and evenly. They take a long time to dry out on either side, hence no burning of dry material. Second, even if a ceramic coil were to dry out completely, there would be no burnt taste. Why? Because ceramic does not burn, except at extreme temperatures.

Real Flavor. Uninterrupted. 

When you vape on a cartridge with a cotton wick, you are vaping two things: cotton and hemp oil. You don’t want that. What you want is to vape hemp oil only. And it is this “neutral” quality of ceramic coils that allows for uninterrupted, authentic flavor without the middleman.

Ceramic Coils Separate Heated Metal From Oil. No Oxidation

Cotton wicks (and the wires in them) like to heat up and burn and singe and generally ruin the vaping experience. They also enjoy activities like allowing the oxidized metal coils inside them to make direct contact with hemp oil. 

Ceramic coils, though semi-porous, keep your hemp oil separate from the heating element (a piece of metal about the size of a paperclip, but thinner). This barrier prevents the metal heating element from oxidizing. In the case of metal, “oxidize” is a large word for “rust”.

That’s right. It is possible using a cotton wick that you may be exposed to a mixture of burnt cotton, rusted metal and all the effects on hemp oil that come as a result.

Ceramic coils? Cleaner, safer, longer-lasting and better flavor.

“Are Ceramic Coils…Dangerous?” How Hoax Science Exploits Gaps In Human Psychology

Search “Ceramic coils” and you’ll see a lot of well-meaning bloggers asking the same question, “Are ceramic coils safe?”

At first glance, it looks like a real controversy. Many people are asking the same question and writing things like, “Some say ceramic coils are dangerous” or “The disadvantage of ceramic coils are the health risks.”

You (or anyone) could not be blamed for thinking, “Well, is there a risk?”

Let us answer clearly and directly: There is no risk. In fact, ceramic coils are the safest way to vape. Yet it’s a curious part of human psychology that makes the whole business of debunking this nonsense risky.

It doesn’t matter who you are: Albert Einstein, Plato or Marie Curie. Now that you’ve seen the words “ceramic” and “dangerous” next to each other, it’s hard to get the notion out of your mind.

Hoax science, as we’re about to see, catches on because it creates doubt, excites fear and plays on our trusting nature. “Surely they wouldn’t just…lie?” Yes, they would, and they do.

The “Study”: What It Is and Why It’s Nonsense.

In 2014, when ceramic coil technology was poised to replace cotton wicks and wires, a certain vape cartridge brand (that shall go unnamed) released what gullible writers on the internet have called a “study.” It’s much closer to a science project. Here are a recreation of the events, so far as we can tell:  

  • Scraping loose a particles from a ceramic coil, the “investigators” took pictures of the loosed particles and the ceramic coil with a microscope — at 100x magnification. 
  • From this shallow observation, they claimed that ceramic coils cause silicosis, a respiratory condition that affects workers chronically exposed to silica dust. Who is at risk for silicosis? Miners, construction workers, masons and stone cutters.

So, it takes a whole, whole lot of dust over many, many years to develop anything close to silicosis. But, to be clear, it’s not a question how much silica dust. Ceramic coils are sturdy. No one has ever detected the release of silica from ceramic coils: neither the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) nor the American Lung Association — nobody. It’s a hoax, plain and simple.

Vape Brand Says Ceramic Coils Are Dangerous. Now, They Sell Ceramic Coils.

When the “study” was released, the vape brand (who shall go unnamed) sold cotton wicks exclusively. That simple fact makes their claims suspect. Example: “Oil Company releases study, ‘Why Solar Panels Will Kill Everyone and Why Oil Is Awesome.'”

Now, five years later, the same vape brand sells ceramic coils. Lots of ceramic coils. The same people who said ceramic is dangerous are selling ceramic. Why? Because ceramic coils are safe and effective and everyone wants them.

With that, we rest our case.

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Farewell, From Your Friends at Green Lotus Hemp

It was unpleasant to dish out that much attitude. But I think we can agree that, as a group of advocates and as a company, we had no other choice. As the great poet Czesław Miłosz once wrote, “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.” Of course, he also wrote, “The history of my stupidity would fill many volumes.” The second quote doesn’t apply to us, in this case, hopefully.

We can use the language of logic to produce general and specific truths about our vape carts:

  • Green Lotus vape carts use ceramic coils.
  • Ceramic coils are the best choice for flavor, longevity and safety.
  • Anyone who says otherwise is incorrect.

Therefore, Green Lotus vape carts are your best choice for flavor, longevity and safety, and anyone who says otherwise is incorrect.

Have any more questions? Contact us at or post a comment. Until next time, farewell!

  • Your friends @ GreenLotusHemp
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