How CBD Can Help You Pre- and Post-Workout

Sore after a long bike ride? Stress or tension harming your golf swing? Tight until the third quarter of your pickup basketball game (when you used to rack up double doubles against the teenagers who showed up at the rec center)? CBD can help. As peer-reviewed research continues to come in and word of mouth builds, it’s becoming increasingly clear that CBD helps people pre- and post- workout.

Whether you’re experiencing muscle soreness, inflammation, joint pain, or another issue like anxiety or sleeplessness that affects your ability to work out, CBD can benefit your workout routine.

Can CBD Help You Workout? Depends How You Use It. 

Depending on your sport of choice, and the benefits you’re looking for, you have a lot of options. CBD topicals and creams are great for people looking to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness and aid in muscle development — they can help you warm up your arms or legs before a session, or cool down after. 

CBD products like tinctures and capsules also have a long list of benefits to help you recover and work out better: Deeper sleep, improved relaxation, and increased endurance. 

Yes, some of this is uncertain. CBD has been sorely understudied until very recently. Fortunately that’s begun to change. 

There’s a reason so many professional athletes are using CBD, from NFL linebackers to UFC fighters — it aids recovery and performance. And you don’t need to be a pro to reap the rewards. CBD can be beneficial if you’re hitting the gym twice a day or just a few times a month. 

Here are a few recommendations for CBD that works pre- and post-workout.

CBD Topicals Are Great for Pre- and Post-Workout

Topicals take advantage of CBD’s ability to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness. They’re going to give you the most direct help if you need to manage pain or inflammation, since they’re often combined with other ingredients that work in conjunction to maximize relief, and they’re applied directly to your hurting muscles.



Green Lotus Heat CBD Cream, with its combination of CBD, aloe, and menthol, will help you pre-workout. We recommend you use it a few minutes before you start your warm-up routine. Pair with an active warm-up and stretching for maximum performance, or save Heat for quiet moments when gentle warming melts tension.

hemp topical



Freeze CBD Cream is Heat’s counterpoint. Use it immediately after a workout. We like to think of it as a “hot tub in a bottle.” Freeze gives you an immediate cooling sensation, muscle contraction, and its CBD helps control inflammation, which decreases recovery time and allows you to quickly workout again.

Hemp CBD Cream Topical Lotion Cream



For athletes with joint pain — something that can be really devastating if your sport of choice involves repetitive motion — say cycling — check out our Solace with Celadrin CBD Cream. The CBD and Celadrin® in Solace work synergistically support healthy inflammatory responses in your joints. 

The other ingredients in these products also contribute, but CBD is crucial here. The studies are only backing up what lots of people already know: CBD makes for a faster, more complete recovery between workouts. It helps you prepare to exercise, and cool down when you’re done.

Edibles and Tinctures Also Have Benefits for Exercise

Topicals are the obvious choice for athletes looking to reduce inflammation. But there are several other CBD products, like edibles and tinctures, that can also help you workout. Research is still coming in, but what we’ve seen looks promising.

Here’s one example: CBD might be able to aid in endurance. One recent study found that CBD is linked to the “runner’s high” sensation. Full disclosure — this study focused on mice. But that’s how these things tend to start, so we’re optimistic.

CBD Helps Relax Before and After Workouts

Recovery isn’t just physical. There’s a mental component. By incorporating CBD into your daily wellness routine, you’ll be better able to rest and mentally recover between workouts. For every-day runners or weightlifters, that matters.

Peer-reviewed studies affirm that CBD helps people manage stress and anxiety. That can be crucial, since as many of you know, anxiety comes with a host of signs — feeling tired, increased heart rate, trouble concentrating — that can make exercise all but impossible.



You Need Sleep to Exercise. CBD + Melatonin Has You Covered.

Sleep is crucial for productive exercise. Four or five hours of sleep a night isn’t going to cut it. If you work out, and you’re not getting enough REM cycles, you’re probably doing more harm than good.

A sleep aid shouldn’t knock you out. You’re going to want something that works with our body. Our Wild Berry CBD Gummies pair CBD with Melatonin, which naturally helps you manage a healthy sleep cycle, so you can feel better rested and more energized.

If You’re New to CBD, Start with the Recommended Dosage and Adjust from There

As we’ve said before, finding the right dose is a personal process. We suggest you start on the lower end: If you’re using our 125 mg Natural Tincture, go with one full dropper a day. We think you’ll be surprised by the benefits of CBD pre- and post-workout. But if you’re not satisfied after a couple of weeks, bump up your dosage to two droppers a day.

Keep in mind, CBD is not a performance enhancing drug. Don’t expect to double your bench press just because you’re taking it. 

What CBD can do is help you before and after you workout by managing pain and aiding in recovery. And it can make you a happier, better person. Is that overstating a bit? Maybe, maybe not.

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