Powerful Joint Relief & Mobility: Solace CBD Cream + Celadrin®

CBD Celadrin

We’re excited about this one: we’ve paired our premium CBD with the benefits of Celadrin® to bring you our new Solace CBD Cream. It’s an effective combination of organic CBD-rich full spectrum hemp oil and Celadrin® designed to let you experience relief from joint pain, regain mobility, and stay active. 

Solace CBD Cream was conceived under the direction of Daniel Nguyen, Green Lotus’ lead formulator. Daniel’s academic background in biochemistry and two decades of experience in nutraceuticals and cosmetics were put to good use in the formulation of Solace.

And like all of our CBD Creams, Solace was formulated and manufactured in our FDA-Licensed facility right outside of Dallas, TX. 

Solace CBD Cream: For Joint Relief & Flexibility 

Solace CBD Cream + Celadrin restores joint mobility, relieves discomfort, and gets you back to the activities you enjoy, safely and naturally.  

Ingredients for Joint Relief: 

  • Celadrin®: Proven Support for Healthy Joints
  • 100 MG of CBD-Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Essential Peppermint Oil + Menthol 

Quality: Practices & Facilities 

  • Paraben Free.
  • Hemp Extract from Certified Organic Hemp. 
  • Formulated & Manufactured in our FDA-Licensed Facility.

Is Solace CBD Cream For Me? 

With its active ingredient Celadrin®, Solace CBD Cream works for irritated or chronically-irritated joints in your hands, knees, elbows, wrists, and feet – any joint, any place. 

If you suffer from local joint irritation from overuse or certain conditions that come on with age, Solace CBD Cream is for you. 

  • “I cycle; I run; I stay active. But my knees aren’t cooperating.” Solace is for you. 
  • “I prefer Netflix, and a morning paper. My hands are killing me, though.” Solace is for you. 
  • “I work virtually, from a computer. I type stuff. Anyway, my wrists and fingers feel stiff and inflamed.” Solace is for you.
  • “My wrists hurt. No range of motion. Can’t pinpoint a reason why. Just want to try a natural remedy first.” Solace is for you.

Try Solace CBD Cream, Risk-Free

Read on, and we’ll tell you how it works. But first, let’s talk about what you can do right now: Try Solace CBD Cream and watch it work. 

We ship fast and welcome feedback. If it works for you, let us know (or just enjoy life!). If it’s not working for you, send that Solace back for a full refund.  No-nonsense. No-risk.

Even if you’ve ordered Solace already, stick around to see how Celadrin works. 

Celadrin®: Scientifically-Proven, Targeted Relief 

What is Celadrin? Here’s the simple-as-simple-can-be version: 

Celadrin is a proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acids that “strengthen” cell membranes and facilitate the proper regulation of nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals in and out of the cell. 

  • Poorly regulated cell membranes in tissue lead to inflammation. 
  • Well-regulated cell membranes are less-likely to become inflamed. 

Celadrin is all-natural and safe. It’s FDA-approved, both as a topical and pill. We’ve brought it to you as a topical, in combination with CBD, so you can apply it directly to sensitive areas such as joints and muscles.

Celadrin has several benefits:

  • Provides relief from joint and muscle pain, and arthritis
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves range of motion
  • Promotes healthy joints 

If you’re a frequent runner or biker suffering from knee or ankle pain, getting outside to exercise for the first time in a while, or even just looking to have an easier time getting moving in the morning, you should take a look at Solace.

How Celadrin Works: Let’s Get Technical

The human body is made up of all different kinds of cells with a variety of functions. Each cell has a cell membrane, a structure that separates and protects the cell from damage. 

When cell membranes are damaged, inflammation occurs. 

With joint inflammation, you get pain and irritation. Cartilage is worn away and the joint lining swells, leading to more negative effects like stiffness and issues with mobility. 

Celadrin works by getting to the root of joint pain. It adds cetylated fatty acids (and lipids) to cell membranes, helping them repel inflammatory chemical compounds.

As a result, inflammation is slowed. Cells repair faster. The body can restore the fluids which cushion bones and reduce cartilage breakdown in joints. 

At the end of the process, you may experience relief from joint pain and other restorative benefits. (However, we always need to be realistic about the variables. Height, weight, age, dietary habits, and general lifestyle choices will affect how Celadrin works.) 

CBD Celedrin

Proven Effective Through Rigorous, Peer-Reviewed Studies 

Celadrin has been helping people feel better for nearly twenty years. It’s clinically proven to reduce joint and muscle pain. And, as far as we know, there are no side effects.

One placebo-controlled, double-blind study demonstrated that Celadrin significantly lessened pain in joints such as the elbow, wrist, and knee. It was even shown to make simple motions like walking up stairs easier.

The study reported its findings, saying Celadrin, “enhances dynamic and isometric local muscular endurance and reduces pain in individuals with severe pain.”

Best practice is to apply Celadrin twice a day, morning and night. It works quickly: pain relief occurs only 30 minutes after application. And its effects are cumulative. Studies have shown that range of motion continued to improve over a 30-day period.

Solace CBD Cream: What We Forgot to Mention 

Did we forget to mention that each Solace CBD Cream contains CBD extract that’s sustainably-sourced from certified organic hemp? Yes, we did. 

Did we forget to mention that peppermint oil and menthol warm away discomfort and leave you feeling refreshed? Yes, we did. 

OK, add all of that up, consider your options, and head over to our online store to try Solace CBD Cream risk-free – with fast shipping and easy customer service. 

With that, friends, we rest our case.

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