Quality @ Green Lotus Hemp: A Commitment and Practice

Quality at Green Lotus Hemp

We’re simple about quality. All of our practices contribute toward a single purpose: to ensure beyond any doubt that what our customers put in their bodies is safe, clean and effective. Our premium hemp oil products have to be worth every bit of the price, and more. Or in the words of our CEO, Carlos Frias, “If it’s not perfect, it’s trash.”

Quality is a distinction that we earn. We don’t expect our customers to take our word for it. That’s why we publish a full list of our lab results

Imagine that you’re about to go skydiving. You don’t want to hear the instructor talk and talk about their dedication to parachutes that open and planes that have fuel. You want to see some credentials, some testing, some proof. We feel the same way about our certified organic hemp. When it comes time to put something in your body, proof beats talk.

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Our Process

We call ourselves a “premium hemp oil brand.” What does that mean? That means Green Lotus takes no shortcuts in how we grow, extract and test our products. That means we partner with Texas A&M, one of the premier agricultural research universities in the United States. That means we submit to three separate 3rd Party Labs for independent testing, at every part of the process.

Let’s get even more specific.

Our Farm Bill compliant USA-grown certified organic hemp is free of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and plant growth hormones. We use sustainable farming practices, including cycling, to protect soil health and biodiversity.

We take the whole pant, the stalk, the flowers, the fibre and the stem (insider term: “Whole Plant Extraction), and we grind it all up. Then we have a 3rd Party Lab test for heavy metals, pesticides and potency. We need to know the biomass is clean and that it contains the right amount of cannabinoids and terpenoids.

If the biomass tests clean, we pack the mixed up hemp into wooden crates, load them onto ten horse-drawn carriages, and send them to our CGMP extraction facility.

How We Extract, Distill and Refine Our Hemp Oil 

At our CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) extraction and refinement facility, we extract crude oil from our biomass (a big pile of hemp), using both CO2 and ethanol extraction methods.

The crude oil then goes through either winterization or short-path distillation to separate cannabinoids from existing compounds and to isolate and remove impurities. What’s left is called “refined oil.”

Again, we send our refined oil to an independent, 3rd Party Lab to be tested for microbes, potency and left-over solvents. (A solvent dissolves things. We need solvents to extract and refine our hemp, but we don’t want solvents in the finished product.)

Manufacturing, Compounding, and Final Product

The end of the line; where the magic happens.

In our CGMP facility, we mix the magic of our full spectrum hemp oil with our proprietary formulas (we have over 3,000 proprietary formulas). This is called “compounding.” Our formulation and compounding practices are time-tested and product-specific. All formulation and compounding is overseen by GLH’s own team of scientists, with a collective 30+ years of experience in supplements, cosmetics and food. Our organic chemists are the best around!

Now, Green Lotus Hemp products are very pure and very potent, overflowing with all the good cannabinoids and terpenoids. We’ve harvested (and tested), we’ve extracted, distilled and refined (and tested), we’ve compounded and manufactured. Are we finished?

Nope, we’re not finished. We test it, again. And it’s not our good friend Bill who tests the final product. We submit our final products to yet another independent, 3rd Party Lab, where they test for impurities and for potency, just to make sure.

The Green Lotus Hemp Promise

By the time our hemp oil products reach our customers, the key-ingredients have traveled successfully through two CGMP facilities and have been tested by four independent labs. The products are highly-potent, clean and safe. So, when it comes to quality, the buck stops with us.

We work hard to produce premium hemp oil products that improve the lives of our customers, and we’re dedicated to expanding access to responsibly-produced and ethically-sourced hemp products to all people.

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  1. Johnny Roberts says:

    I agree with everything said. I was under the impression that GL only had 75 acres to grow hemp. Is that enough to grow all the hemp needed to fullfill all orders?

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