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The Top 4 Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower

The benefits of smoking CBD flower aren’t often discussed, compared to the therapeutic powers of other forms of CBD like tinctures and gummies, but it has surprising advantages. Some people take a quick look at CBD flower pre-rolls and decide it’s not for them, probably because of its resemblance to tobacco or marijuana. That’s a mistake. 

Don’t write off CBD flower: It’s safe and easy to use, and is a consistent way to get your daily dose of CBD. It also has therapeutic benefits that, for many people, will make it an optimal choice.

Read on to learn the 4 benefits of smoking CBD flower.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is the dried flower buds of certain varieties of the cannabis plant. It’s ground and then smoked, in a joint or pipe. That delivery system is what separates it from other kinds of CBD.

CBD Flower is Not the Same as Marijuana

CBD comes from cannabis plants that have been selectively bred to be free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That’s the part of the plant that provides the psychoactive effects — AKA the part that gets you high. According to federal guidelines, CBD can contain no more than .3% THC.

1. It Works Fast

When smoked, CBD bypasses the digestive system and goes directly to your bloodstream via a part of your lungs called the alveoli. 

“Alveoli” are the air sacs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the bloodstream. Your body processes CBD this way much faster than if you consume it orally or sublingually. 

Expect to feel the effects within 2 minutes of smoking CBD flower. And just because it gets to work fast, doesn’t mean it will leave your body fast. Its effects will last between 2 to 4 hours, depending on how much you smoke.

2. Smoking CBD Flower May Help With Tobacco Use

Over the last decade, a growing number of studies have explored the use of CBD in helping people quit smoking cigarettes, but in a specific way: “attentional bias” in smokers.

CBD Pre Rolls Provide Smokers the Ritual, Minus the Nicotine. 

Cigarette smokers can become conditioned by the “hand to mouth” motion of smoking, which makes it even harder to break the habit. Smoking CBD flower allows you to engage in that same ritual, without the nicotine.

A Deeper Cause for CBD Flower & Nicotine Recovery 

CBD’s interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and with serotonin receptors in the brain may play a role in modulating addictive behavior. 

It doesn’t hurt, either, that the CBD is a bonafide anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) molecule. On CBD’s ability to manage stress and anxiety, anecdotal reports abound. In the clinical arena, we have yet to see a study shut the door on CBD’s therapeutic potential in anxiety. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

3. Manages Stress and Anxiety

CBD’s efficacy in promoting healthy responses to stress and anxiety is well-documented. Again and again, CBD users have reported that it’s helped them manage these often-debilitating issues. One study from just this year found that 92% of CBD users had reduced stress levels. 

Then, there’s the entourage effect. 

See, the benefits of smoking CBD flower are not confined to CBD alone. Hemp contains numerous cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The process of these compounds interacting synergistically is known as the entourage effect. 

Though the effect remains mysterious, leading cannabis researchers have put their weight behind this theory. If they are correct, then the effects of smoking CBD flower may lead to better therapeutic outcomes than ingesting CBD alone, orally or topically.

4. It’s Non-Intoxicating

Smoking CBD flower allows you to experience the benefits of CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes directly. You may find yourself relaxed, or naturally energized, or focused. 

In each case, the effect is mild. THC is not, necessarily, mild. 

(Fun fact: CBD & CBD flower are psychoactive, just not in the popular sense. Tylenol is psychoactive. So is Benadryl. The difference is that THC-rich cannabis changes nervous system function in a way that strongly alters one’s perception. We call this “intoxicating”)  

CBD flower brings benefits of CBD and other compounds in hemp without a feeling of significant disruption to regular perception. For the record, we’re fine with both. 

We just want beginners and curious folks to give CBD flower a chance, at least once.

Green Lotus CBD Flower Is Made From High-Quality Organic Hemp

You can get the benefits of smoking CBD flower with Green Lotus Pre-Rolls. We have a couple of different blends — Jubilee Hemp Pre-Roll and Harmony Hemp Pre-Roll. Both are made from low-cured, organic, sun-grown hemp and rolled using clean-burning rice paper. 

Give them a try. They may surprise you.

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