Why Do We Use MCT Oil in our CBD Capsules?

CBD Softgels MCT Oil

If you’ve read through the ingredient list of  Green Lotus CBD Capsules, you might have noticed an ingredient called “MCT Oil.”

In this blog, you’ll learn the basic science of MCT oil and how it makes our CBD products more potent and powerful.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for “medium chain triglyceride.” Triglycerides are fats; fats are triglycerides. To make a “fat,” three fatty acids (tri) bond with glycerol (glycerides).

“Medium chain” triglycerides are a different sort of fat than “long chain triglycerides” because MCTs go right to your liver, where they are metabolized for instant energy. Long chain triglycerides stick around in your tissue. Remember, MCTs metabolize quickly. This will be important later.

Where do MCTs Come From?

Medium Chain Triglycerides come from coconut oil and palm kernel oil, primarily. To produce MCT oil, you need to take natural oils, refine them, and extract the MCTs. MCT oil occurs naturally, but just like CBD oil, it is a concentrate.

How MCT Oil Works

For the purposes of CBD, MCT oil acts as a carrier agent. It’s a substance that allows a greater concentration of CBD to enter your bloodstream, increasing CBD’s effects.

CBD is fat-soluble, which means it dissolves better in oil than water and is best absorbed when digested along with fat — hence the use of a saturated fatty acid like MCT.

All Green Lotus CBD Products Need a Carrier Agent

All CBD tinctures and capsules use one or a combination of several different kinds of carrier agents, which are primarily plant-based oils.

Each has its own advantages, but Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil is particularly well-suited to CBD capsules. Why? Because CBD capsules go directly to your digestive system, and the chemical and physiological aspects of digestion make it more difficult to absorb CBD efficiently. (Remember, digestion is slower, but the effects last longer. Anyone who’s gone for a third brownie knows this truth by experience.)  MCTs are a must-have.

MCT Oil Increases CBD’s Bioavailability

The bottom line is that MCT is a very effective carrier that increases the bioavailability of CBD. Bioavailability refers to the proportion of a drug that your body can utilize. Unless you want some of your CBD to go to waste, increasing bioavailability is a good thing.

The reason why Medium Chain Triglyceride oil is more effective than other carrier oils is right there in the name. Most oils contain plenty of long chain triglycerides (LCT), which contain 13-21 carbon atoms and have lower bioavailability. Olive oil, for example, is an LCT. You’re not likely to find any CBD tinctures or capsules that use olive oil as a carrier agent.

MCT oil has only 6-12 carbon atoms and high bioavailability. You’ll quickly be able to digest the CBD it’s carrying and start enjoying the therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, While MCT Oil is derived from palm kernel oil and coconut oil, it doesn’t have any flavor or scent, so it won’t interfere with the taste of your CBD.

Additional Benefits of MCT Oil

In addition to being an effective carrier agent, MCT oil has a number of health benefits when taken on its own as a dietary supplement or as part of coconut oil.

Supports Normal Cholesterol Levels

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that taking Medium Chain Triglyceride oil prior to exercise reduces lactic acid buildup, helping extend the duration of high-intensity exercise. It has also been shown to reduce bad cholesterol, and increase production of good cholesterol.

May Help With Appetite & Energy

Other studies report that MCTs curb appetite better than LCTs. Some people have also reported getting an energy boost from it. We’re not going to promote MCT oil as some kind of miracle drug, but we do think that it’s an effective carrier agent for CBD with a lot of promising benefits.

MCT Oil Vs. Coconut Oil

As mentioned, coconut oil contains plenty of MCTs.

So if you see a CBD product uses coconut oil or refined coconut oil as its carrier agent, you’re going to get a healthy dose of MCTs. However, the presence of other kinds of fats including long chain triglycerides means the effect will be slightly different. Both, however, are effective carrier agents.

Now, you can lean back, apply an ice pack to your head, and rest your brain. You earned it.

Your friends,

The Green Lotus Team

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