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5 Ways Hemp Cream for Pain Relief Works Botanically

Firstly, hemp has historical use in making rope and fiber from early Jamestown to WWII war efforts; did

Firstly, hemp has historical use in making rope and fiber from early Jamestown to WWII war efforts; did you know that hemp cream works for relief botanically as well? Furthermore, let’s address some questions you might have.

What is hemp cream used for?

The use of hemp cream, containing hemp oil, can offer an abundance of benefits including skin, face, hair, hand, joints, aches, and more.

Its uses include helping alleviate soreness or stiffness in their body.

If you have skin conditions or suffer from aches, hemp cream may alleviate some of your symptoms. Here’s why you should consider adding this cream to your routine:

Hemp Cream Contains Essential Fatty Acids

Do you take fish oil or a supplement every day?

Essential Fatty Acids are nutrients our body needs to function at optimal health and are found in foods like fish oil; unfortunately, our bodies cannot synthesize (make) them, so we have to seek them in our foods.

The essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6 (gamma-linolenic acid) increase skin suppleness because of their helping with structure of cell membranes. Hemp cream also contains amino acids like collagen and elastin to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

Hemp Cream Helps with Skin Conditions

If you suffer from skin conditions, or just suffer from dry skin in the winter, hemp cream soothes through topical application.

For skin conditions like psoriasis where your skins cells divide too rapidly, some people have found some relief using a hemp cream as the topical slows down the cell cycle producing so fast.

It can also help repair and nourish the outer layer of skin.

Hemp Cream Benefits from Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A is a wrinkle fighter and lifting agent for the face.

Vitamin B2 stops free radical damage.

Vitamin D increases elasticity, diminishes lines, and reduces dark spots.

Calcium enables skin regeneration.

Manganese boots collagen production.

Potassium is key for hydration for the skin.

See more vitamins and minerals that hemp lotion contains here.

Hemp Cream is Organic and Vegan

What is hemp cream made of?

It is a combination of natural moisturizers, like aloe and honey, along with other vegan botanicals that infuse with hemp oil.

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil or CBD oil, is the botanical that is made from pressing seeds from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

  • Our organic ingredients made right here in the USA ensure that we maintain quality control through our team and director.

Hemp Cream is Legal

Medical marijuana is legal state by state; however, hemp cream has always been legal because of breeding specifically for industrial use.

Thus, the seeds of the hemp plant contain 0% THC, or any kind of psychoactive agents.

Hemp Cream Questions (FAQ)

What is hemp hand cream?

Hemp hand cream is basically a thicker version that takes longer to soak into the skin. Hemp salve would be a similar product perfect for use with hands, like arthritic joints that are causing pain.

How to make hemp oil cream?

As a result, the easiest way to get the most benefits out of hemp oil cream is to use a carefully made cream with the balance of hemp oil and other ingredients to optimize the botanicals sinking into your skin.

Due to nanoemulsion, this enables that ingredients to fully soak in and absorb into the skin; this means you get the benefits faster.

In addition, you can make your own by adding hemp oil to your favorite moisturizer to make your own hemp oil cream.

Lastly, learn more about hemp and CBD on our blog.

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