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Green Lotus™ CBD creams combine new ingredients in skin hydration with classic botanical extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants to benefit your skin, muscles, and joints.

  • Advanced Formulation Technology
  • Paraben Free
  • FDA-Compliant Manufacturing Practices

Our CBD creams are carefully crafted for restorative skin routines and ailments common to athletes and our older family members. We’ve sourced ingredients from around the world to give you relief and promote healthy joint and muscle function. All of our CBD lotions are non-greasy and absorb on contact, making them easy to integrate into your pre- or post-workout routine.

Read on for more information about each of our CBD creams for sale.

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Each Green Lotus™ topical CBD cream is specially formulated to maximize benefits. Choose from five formulations to match your needs and lifestyle.
  • Freeze CBD Cream delivers intense, cooling sensations instantly — with 100 mg of organically-sourced Hemp extract, soothing herbal extracts, and menthol.
  • Heat CBD Cream contains organically-sourced CBD extract, aloe, and menthol. Like a hot tub in a bottle.
  • Solace CBD Cream lubricates aching joints for fast relief and enhanced mobility – with organic CBD-rich full spectrum hemp extract, fresh peppermint oil, and Celadrin®, scientifically-proven to work fast.
  • Restore CBD Cream’s dual-action formula moisturizes and repairs for fast relief — with organically-sourced CBD extract, aloe, and skin-friendly botanicals.
  • Salve CBD Cream is new, improved and by far our most popular hydrating and skin-conditioning formula — with organically-sourced CBD extract, moisturizing botanicals, and a fresh grapefruit scent.
When you order Green Lotus CBD Cream, you receive a pure, effective product backed by strict quality controls. Green Lotus™ CBD Creams are created under the supervision of our lead formulator — a former research chemist and nutraceuticals expert with twenty years of experience in cosmetics development. Here’s how Green Lotus™ ensures quality:
  • Lead Formulator With 20 Years of Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • A Culture of Innovation

CBD Topicals by Green Lotus™ Hemp


  1. How much should I take? For our CBD Creams, we recommend you start with a smaller dose, and increase until you get the desired results. That amount will depend on the size of your injury or the size of the area you’re working with.
  2.  What’s the difference between a topical and cream? Nada! Nothing. “Topical” simply means it is applied directly to your skin, not ingested.
  3. What are CBD Creams best used for? Each Green Lotus™ CBD Cream is designed and lab-tested for a different purpose. Heat CBD Cream, for example, is great for post-workout relaxation. You may find other uses for each of our products. You can find testimonial evidence and customer reviews to see how else they can be used.