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Naturally relieve your pet’s discomfort and anxiety with Green Lotus CBD Pet Tincture. All ingredients are organically-sourced, undergo rigorous testing, and 100% pet safe. Shop now for the special dog or cat in your life.

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You care about the well-being of your dog or cat. See your pet at-ease, active, and full of positive energy with Green Lotus™ CBD for pets.

Since 2016, we’ve received an overwhelming number of calls and emails from customers who have seen the wide-ranging benefits of CBD for dogs and cats alike. That’s because CBD for pets works.

Just like in our products for humans, Green Lotus™ CBD Pet Tincture promotes neurological health and emotional behavior, and supports healthy joints.

Green Lotus™ CBD for Pets is manufactured according to Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) processes. We are proud to follow best-practice guidelines for manufacturing, handling, and safety as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Green Lotus™ CBD for Pets is 100% safe for dogs and cats. Our strict lab testing and safety practices ensure that every ingredient in our CBD oil for pets is tested for quality and potency before formulation.

  • Lab Tested by Analytical 360
  • Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Pet-Specific CBD Concentration

Green Lotus™ CBD Pet Tinctures use high-quality full spectrum hemp oil with an infusion of raw organic coconut oil to support healthy digestion.

CBD for dogs and cats helps restore appetite and promotes a more balanced mood. CBD for dogs with anxiety — whether that’s because of a thunderstorm or because you’re out of the house for the day — can help your pet unwind. Older dogs struggling with pain, and dogs prone to overactivity can also benefit from our CBD Pet Tincture.

Our CBD oil for pets is rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids. It’s a great way to get a consistent dose that you can add to food or treats.

We’re proud of the effort and care we put into our CBD oil for pets. Each CBD Pet Tincture is bottled and shipped under the supervision of our quality control team, and our lead formulator, who has more than 20 years of experience.

Because your pet deserves the best.


  1. Is CBD safe for your pet? We recommend you consult with your veterinarian before adding new foods or supplements to your pet’s diet, but many of our customers have seen improvement in mobility as well as other ailments after using CBD for their dog or cat.
  2. How is Green Lotus™ CBD for pets different from CBD for humans? It’s not! It's the same quality CBD we use in all our products, with the addition of raw, organic coconut oil, which is shown to support healthy digestion in pets.
  3. How do I use CBD for pets? Place one full dropper of full spectrum hemp oil under your pet’s tongue or cheeks and let the oil absorb into soft tissue. If your pet has trouble taking the tincture orally, apply a full dropper over a treat or food. For best results, serve one full dropper twice daily for one week. Observe your pet and their response to the tincture. If needed, increase serving sizes incrementally and gradually.
  4. Is CBD safe for dogs and cats? Yes, CBD is safe for pets, as long as they are mammals. Do we recommend CBD for lizards? Not really.
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