New CBD-Infused Gummies! 100% Organic, Vegan and Delicious

New CBD-Infused Gummies! 100% Organic, Vegan and Delicious.

Hello, friends and partners! 

No tweaks. No half-measures. We tossed the old gummy recipe and started from scratch, using only the purest ethically sourced and environmentally responsible ingredients. 

See, the old gummies tasted great and worked well, but our vegan customers were missing out; they couldn’t enjoy our gummies because of just a few ingredients. That was unacceptable. We got busy fixing it. 

Our new CBD-infused, Green Lotus™ Hemp Gummies fit every diet and lifestyle. We’re happy about it.

So, today we extend an invitation to our vegan and diet-restricted friends and customers: Join the gummy party. There’s a lot of wellness happening in here, and we reserved a table for you.

Green Lotus Hemp Gummies: Quick Facts

Let’s take a look at our Hemp Gummies. Here’s the short and sweet version:  

  • 10 mg of naturally occurring CBD per gummy.
  • Fresh, sweet strawberry taste from all-natural flavors, organic cane sugar.
  • Vegan. Organic. Non-GMO. Gluten free.
  • Comes in 25 ct., child-resistant bottle (250 mg of naturally occurring CBD, total).

Read on for a look inside the weird world of Green Lotus HQ. Check out a breakdown of our main ingredients and what they do. Learn what separates “CBD-infused” gummies from the rest, and get details on upcoming gummy offerings.   

More Delicious Than Ever

With organic fruit extracts, organic cane sugar and natural berry flavors, our CBD-infused Hemp Gummies radiate with raw, fresh strawberry sweetness. Radiate with sweetness. Are they that tasty? Yes, and we have proof.  

When the first gummy samples arrived at Green Lotus HQ, an attached post-it note instructed employees, “One gummy per person. One gummy only.” Green Lotus team members ignored the note and devoured every last gummy. It was a feeding frenzy. 

Then there’s the clean strawberry scent. We love it. You will, too. Two team members (no names) are known to open a new bottle just to savor the aroma—as if it were a glass of fine French wine. It seems weird until you try it. 

CBD-Infused Hemp Gummies: Vegan

Our 10 mg Hemp Gummies meet vegan standards and do not contain any ingredients derived from animals—full stop. 

We thought, “Why bother animals? Let them do what makes them happy while we make delicious CBD-infused gummies for our friends.” 

A CBD-infused gummy can help promote animal welfare, fit diverse lifestyles, reduce environmental impact and taste great doing it. Plants can do the job if we give them a chance.


Why Organic? Real Flavor Comes From Nature. 

People fiddle too much with ingredients. It’s much easier and tastes better to use minimally processed ingredients straight from organically grown fruits and plants.

Let’s break down the key ingredients. We’ll keep it simple. 

“Sweet” – Organic Cane Sugar  

Take organic cane sugar. Cane sugar is unprocessed, while white sugar is heavily refined. Refining removes the natural molasses content in sugar. This is no good because molasses is what gives sugar a distinct flavor.   

Refined sugar tastes flat and plain; it sings one note: sweet. Organic cane sugar tastes layered and rich; it sings in harmonies, like a choir. You can taste the difference in our Hemp Gummies. 

“Strawberry” – Natural Flavors From Organic Fruit, Organic Tapioca and Citrus  

The rain-fresh strawberry scent and flavor come from a layered, proprietary blend of organic fruit extracts (natural flavors) and citrus (citric acid). 

Why citric acid? Citric acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons; it’s what makes fruit taste tart or sour.

Even the ripest strawberry has some tartness to it. So, citric acid is a natural way to give our gummies an authentic taste that matches the complexity of a real strawberry. It also helps preserve the gummy, naturally. 

Organic tapioca syrup works behind the scenes, adding its own mellow sweetness and bringing out the subtle flavors in other ingredients. 

Green Lotus™ Hemp Gummies contain zero artificial flavors.

“Red” –  Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice  

We use a natural mixture of organic juices to give our gummies their signature deep-red strawberry color. No food coloring. No dyes. No nonsense.

CBD-Infused Gummies vs. CBD-Coated Gummies

“Infused.” The word appears so often that it can become invisible. But when we say “CBD-infused,” we mean something very specific about how our product is made and how effective it is. 

There are two ways to make a CBD gummy. The first is cheap, fast and doesn’t work. The second is expensive, time-consuming and works brilliantly. 

CBD-Coated Gummies: Easy, Cheap, Ineffective 

The first way is to take a pre-made gummy and roll it in a mixture of sugar and CBD. Some manufacturers get clever and spray their gummies with a CBD oil mist.

The only problem with these techniques is that they don’t work. By the time CBD-coated gummies reach your front door, the CBD has either rubbed off or brushed off or been damaged by sunlight.  

CBD-Infused Gummies: Challenging, Costly, Effective

The second way is to mix naturally occurring CBD into the gummy along with every other ingredient. 

Inside each gummy, CBD is safe. It cannot be brushed off or rubbed off or damaged by short-term exposure to sunlight. Infusion works. Coating doesn’t.   

All this comes to two simple points:

  1. You get what you pay for. Green Lotus™ Hemp Gummies deliver the same 10 mg naturally occurring CBD, every time.
  2. You can take your gummies with you. Green Lotus™ Hemp Gummies retain their potency and tolerate sunlight far better than most gummies on the market. 

What’s Next For Green Lotus Gummies

Was that enough information? We hope so. Maybe it was too much information. But, in any case, more information is better than less.

Some of you might be asking, “Where’s the melatonin?” We hear you, and our formulators are working on it right now. Expect a newly-formulated naturally occurring CBD and melatonin gummy in a few months. Join our email list, and we’ll keep you updated.

Have a happy day and be well! 

  • Your friends @ Green Lotus Hemp
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