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The Epic Story Behind Our Award-Winning Sparkling Hemp Beverages

If you’ve tried your share of CBD beverages, you know that there are two types, those that taste terrible and those that taste kind-of-okay — with the help of a heaping teaspoon of sugar, of course. 

Green Lotus™ is here to offer you a third option: A zero sugar, great-tasting and cannabinoid-rich Premium Sparkling Hemp Beverage designed specifically for you and your lifestyle. 

We offer our Premium Sparkling Hemp Beverage in Grapefruit and Watermelon. Both are delicious,  non-intoxicating and non-habit forming — in the same way that donuts are non-habit forming.  

Our Premium Sparkling Hemp Beverage, In 4 points. 

Your time is valuable, so let’s get to the details. What’s so special about our Sparkling Hemp Beverage?

  1. Tastes Great: No “soapy.” No “bitter.” Enhanced nano-emulsion and formulation techniques let the flavor shine through. Just Grapefruit. Just Watermelon.  
  2. Natural, Healthy Ingredients: 0 Sugar, 0 Carbohydrates, 0 GMO, 0 Artificial Colors, 100% vegan. Sourced from USA-grown, certified-organic hemp. 
  3. 25 milligrams of CBD, Every time: Among the highest in the industry. When we say 25 milligrams, we mean it.
  4. Premium Quality, Great Price: How great? There should be a picture, to the left, right, top or bottom of this sentence.
Green Lotus Hemp Beverage CBD Drink Daniel Nguyen

How to Make the Best CBD Beverage Ever: An Evening with Daniel Nguyen, Chief-Science Officer 

How do you make a tasty, healthy CBD beverage when no one really knows how to do it? 

First, you need a special kind of formulator. He must be educated, competent and energetic, with a strong understanding of biochemistry and manufacturing. He must able to manage the creation of a product from the molecule to the marketplace. 

Enter Daniel Nguyen, Chief Science Officer and a co-founder of Green Lotus™. 

Daniel sat down with the Green Lotus™ editorial team to talk about the science of CBD and the unique challenges of creating an award-winning sparkling hemp beverage. 

CBD and Water: Cracking the Code

The CBD beverage industry is growing and is likely to double in value by 2023. The question is whether the industry is experiencing growth because it is producing great products, or whether the growth is a function of a “Let’s put CBD into everything” mentality. 

At the center of the industry’s challenges is the problem presented by cannabidiol (CBD). “CBD,” explains Nguyen, “will not dissolve into water in its original, pure state. CBD is only soluble in oil and alcohol.”

Taste, dosing accuracy and bioavailability are all dependent on how CBD is suspended in water.

“The challenge we faced,” said Nguyen, “was how to suspend the CBD molecule uniformly in the medium, the aqueous solution. How well you do that determines whether the beverage is drinkable, effective, and meets dosing requirements.”

At the Breaking Point

“We’d just received the 11th formulation, and we sent it to Carlos [CEO of Green Lotus™],” recalls Nguyen, “He sent it back. That was tough.”  

After two years of research and development and pushing relationships with co-manufacturers to the breaking point, Nguyen, and the whole Green Lotus™ team, had little to show for it. 

“I was the last one in the lab. I sat down and thought, ‘I don’t think we can do this. Can I do this?’” recalls Nguyen. “That was the last time that I allowed myself to think about giving up.”  

How Technology and Creativity Solved the “Soapy” Problem

According to Nguyen, the solution was to “nano-emulsify” the CBD molecule. (Plus multiple proprietary practices we can’t mention here.) As a consumer, you’ve probably heard that term, “nano-emulsified,” thrown around a lot.

Think about it like this: If the CBD industry were the aerospace industry, “nano-emulsified” would be something close to “high-performance, aerodynamic wing.” It’s easy to say but difficult to pull off. 

“By nano-emulsion,” says Nguyen. “We mean that the CBD molecule has been ‘sized down.’ It’s a simple concept, but you need the right technology.” 

Acquiring the right technology and applying it correctly was one of many factors that prolonged development of the beverage.  

“We process the CBD with a machine called a  ‘ultrasonic homogenizer,’ says Nguyen. “That can size down the molecule to between 9 and 20 microns. We were able to achieve 9 microns fairly consistently.”

The smaller the CBD molecule, the more evenly it disperses in a beverage. The more evenly CBD disperses in a beverage, the better the beverage tastes.

Green Lotus Hemp Beverage Fruit CBD Drink Remedies for Life

August, 2019. Success!

At 11:30 AM on August 19, Nguyen received a call from Green Lotus™ CEO Carlos Frias. Carlos and the rest of the Green Lotus™ team (including yours truly) had approved the drink. It had passed the taste test. 

Nguyen was relieved. “We have a fabulous drink,” he says. “Most CBD beverages don’t even come close to hitting their dosing because the process is hit or miss and dependent on a lot of variables. We were able to get within +3% to -3% of the target dose regularly, and that’s what I’m proudest of.”

“Our customers get 25 milligrams of CBD, every time.”

Daniel Nguyen Answers the Tough Questions.

Between his time in the lab, and on the phone with co-manufacturers, and keeping up with the company’s expansion into Mexico and retailers across the United States, Nguyen’s schedule is jammed packed. “Please, no more questions,” said Nguyen. “No more, please.” 

Of course, your editorial staff at Green Lotus™ ignored that request, demanding more information. 

What was Daniel’s favorite color? “Blue,” said Nguyen. “Next question.” 

Just blue, or aquamarine, or navy blue, or sky blue, or blue, an emotional state characterized by melancholy and reverie? “Blue, just blue,” Nguyen responded.

Scooters, public menace or disruptive technology? “Both. It’s both to me.” 

Which animal wins, Gorilla or Grizzly Bear? 

After a pause, Nguyen responded, “I would say the Grizzly Bear. It’s got claws, first of all. And it weighs more. And I don’t think that a Gorilla has the speed or agility to make up for those disadvantages.” 

So, there you have it, friends and partners of Green Lotus™: Ultrasonic homogenizers, microns, dosing, blue, scooters are a complicated issue and Grizzly Bears. 

Green Lotus™ Sparkling Hemp Beverages, Available Now.     

The Green Lotus™ family is proud to share with our customers and partners what is undeniably the best CBD beverage on the market today. (At least, we think so!) To order, click here or go to our online store and poke around a bit.

We hope you enjoyed that inside look at how we produce premium hemp products. “Remedies for Life” is our guiding principle, which is why we’re always working to bring you clean, natural hemp products to fit any lifestyle, anytime, anywhere.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or speak to our customer service representatives who are on call from nine to five everyday to answer your questions. Thank you!

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