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Hello, friends and partners of Green Lotus Hemp!

Were you bitten on the ankle by a goose this morning? No? Then you are having a better day than the person writing this article. 

But today is not about the behavior of geese or how surprisingly large, agile and aggressive a goose can be. So we won’t speak of such things. 

Today is about trade shows, and what trade shows can tell us about the future of the CBD industry. 

In the last month, we attended three trade shows: 

  1. USA CBD Expo, Miami, FL.
  2. ASD Market Week, Las Vegas, NV.
  3. CHAMPS, Las Vegas, NV.

Here are some interesting takeaways: 

Most CBD Companies Do Not Grow Their Own Hemp

We prefer to spend our time thinking about how we can be a better company. That being said, we were surprised and concerned at how just a few growers are supplying the raw hemp and hemp oil for tons of different companies. We know because one of those big growers tried to pitch us. The conversation went like this:

Green Lotus Hemp Blog Trade Show Update

GiantMegaGrower: “We can grow your hemp for you, and we can supply you with hemp oil. Interested?” 

Green Lotus: “Most unfortunately, no. We grow our own hemp in Colorado, and we test it and we formulate our products, too.”

GiantMegaGrower: “But it will be cheaper if you just use the same hemp everyone else is using. Plus, we can test it for you. Heck, we can bottle it for you.” 

Green Lotus: “So let’s get this straight. You grow, test and bottle our products. All we do is slap our label on it?”

GiantMegaGrower: “Exactly.” 

Green Lotus: “In that case, we must respectfully decline your offer.” 

A rejection, of course. But a classy one.

To learn why we swiped left on GiantMegaGrower, go to our blog: “Quality: A Commitment and Practice.”  

CBD Blows Up. Cannabis Culture Thrives.

“Since 2018, we’ve seen CBD booths double at Champs and ASD,” said veteran sales advocate Brad Bush. “The growth has been incredible to watch.”

CBD enjoys a cross-over appeal that cannabis has yet to achieve. That’s indisputable. The good news is that the CBD expansion has not overshadowed the colorful and countercultural spirit of CHAMPS or ASD. 

At CHAMPS, our sales team saw no measurable increase in the number of people wearing ties and fancy suits. Old school vibes reigned supreme. “There were five old dudes riding scooters and partaking,” remembers Tanner Hakert, a Green Lotus™ sales advocate. “They could’ve hit someone, I guess. No one cared.” 

Modesty took a holiday for CHAMPS. Violations of standard public dress were pursued gleefully. Said Hackert, “I saw a lot of body paint at first. Then they ran out.” It was a dressed-down atmosphere, for sure. 

ASD Market Week: Hemp Goes International

ASD Market Week is a much larger and broader trade show, with vendors displaying homemade jewelry to the faint hum of a power tool demonstration. Visitors exceeded 45,000, with 12% of visitors international. In the “Culture +” section, CBD and traditional cannabis retailers exist in harmony.

“ASD is diverse. People come from Latin America, Russia, China,” said Garrett Forsythe, a sales advocate. “It’s a melting pot, just for CBD.” 

What was the wackiest moment of all? Hackert wouldn’t give specifics. “I don’t know how to describe it…what happened..especially in a way you can write about.” 

That about sums up the atmosphere at Champs and ASD: Free expression, positive energy and flat out weirdness. 

Weirdness is good. It’s an expression of individualism, personal liberty and freedom of association — core American values.  

The cannabis-movement has traditionally embraced unique people and ideas, and we’ve been happy to see that tradition continue to flourish alongside the growth of the CBD industry. 

Green Lotus Hemp Blog CBD Expo Award

We Got A Trophy for Our Sparkling Hemp Water

USA CBD Expo asked the world, “What is the absolute best-tasting, most effective CBD edible available?” 

The world answered: “Green Lotus™ Premium Sparkling Hemp Water.” 

We have a trophy to prove it. (Look slightly to the left of these words to see the trophy.)

Our Sparkling Hemp Water is infused with 25 mg of naturally-occurring cannabinoids and comes in two natural fruit flavors —  Grapefruit and Watermelon.

It tastes real, honest and fresh. No sugar. No carbs. No GMOs.

Thank you, USA CBD! (Check out the USA CBD Expo website here.)

“Where’s the hemp water? I want some.” Fear not, our Sparkling Hemp Water is on the way! Deliveries to our retail partners are coming soon. 

To snag a free sample of our Sparkling Hemp Water, visit the Green Lotus™ booth at an upcoming trade show. To get an extra sample, recite the following proverb to any Green Lotus™ sales advocate: “When the goose gets loose, the wise man scoots.” 

More Trade Shows Coming Up. Come Out and See Us!

We aren’t slowing down. The Green Lotus™ team will be hitting even more trade shows and events in the coming months. We love meeting our customers and retail partners in person, so if you’re in the area, come chill with us. 

Want to read more insider info from our sales advocates? Say so on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. “Saying so” is optional, of course. We just like to hear from you.

Have a joyous day, and consider doing something unexpected, like finding the shape of a dinosaur in a cloud or jumping over something. Until we meet again, farewell!

  • Your friends @GreenLotusHemp 

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